CAD/CAM support data pack VOL.7 is software, which provides functions of searching suitable MOLDINO end mill based on applications and calculating interference angle according to work geometry. Please download this software by clicking the following link and unzip ZIP format file. (no need to install)


CAD/CAM Support Data Pack VOL.7 Download

How to use

Please save "CADCAM_SDP7.exe" in your computer and unpack program files into specified directory by clicking CADCAM_SDP7. Program files will be extracted to default directory if no directory was specified.
Click "cadcam data pack7.exe" in extracted folder "CADCAM_SDP7" to start program and Japanese, Chinese or English language version could be chosen when startup.
  • * Microsoft EXCEL (version 2003 or above) is needed for displaying cutting parameter sheets.
  • * Special software (such as CAD) is needed to open DXF files.
  • * In case of the screen size is 125%, it is not available when using Windows7.

Search by work geometry

Click tab labeled with "search by work geometry".
Click "Search" after filling in blanks with work geometry details. List of suitable end mills will be shown in a new window.
Please use advanced search for closer alternatives.
Search result list

Search by tool size

Please click "search by tool size"
Click "Search" after filling in textboxes with end mill information. List of suitable alternatives will be shown in a new window.
Please refer to the following instructions for diameter input.
[Example of diameter input]
Diameter 3mm only
Diameter 3 mm or bigger
Diameter 3 mm or smaller
Diameter between 3mm and 5mm
Search result list

Search by item code

Please click "Search by item code".
Click "Search" after inputting MOLDINO end mill item code.
Suggested results can be listed, if partial item code was inputted
Search result list

Search result list

Suitable tools will be listed according to inputted information.
Click titles to sort result in a certain sequence.
  • CSV export Export search result in CSV format
  • Specification details Display tool detailed specification including size and geometry
  • DXF DXF file of chosen items can be saved or opened
  • Cutting conditions Cutting conditions will be opened in excel
  • Interference check Interference between work and end mill will checked.

Interference check

Click "calculate" after inputting work draft angle.
Effective under neck length will be calculated and shown.


CAD/CAM Support Data Pack VOL.7 Download