Let us show you how to reduce total cost.

Why "machining efficiency"?

A variety of activities like reducing purchasing costs, reducing the number of purchased parts, etc. can reduce costs, but what should be done after that? The products should be manufactured with good quality at a cheap price, so you can remain profitable in the market. The most effective way to reduce manufacturing costs is by achieving high manufacturing efficiency.

Use the latest tools!

  1. Case when only tool costs are reduced:
    Even if tool costs are cut in half, the customer's processing costs remain virtually unchanged.
    Since tool costs are only a very small percentage of processing costs, reducing tool costs cannot be expected to contribute to increased profits for the customer.
  2. Proposal for using the latest tools
    To give an extreme example, even if tool cost is doubled, if the processing time can be cut in half by utilizing the performance of the latest tools, as you can see from the calculation example, major reductions in processing costs can be achieved.