Overview of NC program creation software for carbide threading cutter series

NC program creation software for carbide threading cutter series ver.1.02 is an application software to create a program for NC machining with MOLDINO's threading cutter (Epoch Thread Mill, Epoch D Thread Mill). Please download the program from below and use it.
(Since the data is compressed in ZIP format, please use it after decompression. Installation on OS is unnecessary)


Download "NC program creation software for carbide threading cutter series"

Operating environment

Computers running Windows 7, 8, 10


Please save "ThreadMillNC_ver1.02.zip" to any place on your computer from the above and then unzip it.
Please start "ThreadMillNC.exe" in the "ThreadMillNC" folder created after decompression.


Please select the tool type to use.

Enter condition

Select / enter necessary items in the blue frame on the screen and click "Create NC program".

Display program

The NC program is displayed.
Position the cursor directly on the program and copy it to the clipboard with Ctrl + C, paste it to an arbitrary NC program and use it.
You can also save it as .nc format file with "save to file".
* Precautions
This NC program does not guarantee the thread accuracy. We can not be liable for any machine trouble caused after using this NC program. Application for FANUC control only.
Please check the machine movements by air-cut, before applying to your actual machining.
Before using, please pay attention to "About safety when using cutting tool products" and "Precaution for using cutting tools" in our catalogue.