MOLDINO - The Edge To Innovation -
Technology thoroughly applies in the service of people and goods
Technology that values the accumulation of results
Technology that brings marvels and smiles

Mitsubishi Hitachi Tools, innovative product development
Our principles are to...
be embodied in our technology

Stand together with our customers
Respond to each and every challenge for as long as necessary
Use great ideas to the creation of unique, world-beating products
Be a step ahead in fulfilling customers' dreams and visions
Take a holistic view toward manufacturing innovation

As earnest in our approach as our technology itself
Committed to doing all we can do for our customers here and now

At Mitsubishi Hitachi Tools...
We grow with our customers and share in their pride
Taking on the challenge of exploring

The Edge To Innovation
MOLDINO Logo Mark Symbol design
On a motif of "M", an initial of "MOLDINO" as well as "Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool", our wish and resolution to be a bringer of leading edge unique products and innovation are symbolized. Two mountains show that customer and Mitsubishi Hitachi Tool are taking each other's hand in corporation.
MOLDINO Mold & Die + Innovation
Brand name to symbolize our firm commitment to bring innovation to mold & die manufacturing with our strategic focus.
The Edge To Innovation Edge
To express edge of cutting tool and our focus further to sharpen our technology for innovation.